carefully read the two different

"carefully read the two different"

Two days later, the dealer sent the installation workers to the floor with Mr. Zhang’s new home installation, as the new house lights dim, and coincides with a cloudy day, Mr. Zhang did not find any difference between the floor and the sample. The next day, Mr. Zhang found that the new floor color slightly […]

kind of real bridge project

"kind of real bridge project"

  From the point of global limits, timberwork bridge is being experienced great anabiosis. From 1994~2001 year, boreal Europe country launched project of a promotion,make a cheap dance floor method will expand related to timberwork bridge technical research and experience communicate, be opposite in order to raise timberwork bridge other data, be like the competition […]

the market should be stable

"the market should be stable"

better quality products, mainly to guide consumers to buy This brand of products, then the time of purchase price can basically be used as a reference factor. Especially low-priced products, we recommend that consumers should be careful to buy. Please tell us about our users, those products are “five bad board”? For example, workshop board, […]

man-made board supply

"man-made board supply"

On August 9, 2016, inc. of group of trade of Guangxi China peak forest and Fosan Wei Shangjia provide production limited company to sign strategic cooperation agreement in Nanning. The subscription of this cooperation agreement, indicate type of move double Founder builds plastic bottle in frost fence man-made board to supply all-around strategic partner concerns, […]

national forestry bureau

"national forestry bureau"

Commerce of Department of Commerce relieves the Wei Wei section chief of investigation bureau to point out: “American market needs Chinese product, easy install plastic wood floor but the home made product in hoping again pounds American market, because this seeks a trade,nod evenly very crucial. In the meantime, american market has extremely powerful demonstrative […]

View the floor structure is symmetrical balance

"View the floor structure is symmetrical balance"

Paint quality: the floor placed in the light to see whether the surface of bubbles, pockmarks, orange peel phenomenon, look at the paint is rich, plump, smooth. 3, the inner quality of the material to see, can hand Dian and eye view, if the floor in the hands of light, indicating the use of tender […]

current voltage composite decking

"current voltage composite decking"

current voltage composite decking from installation to security considerations are also readily available.These are all need to be aware of when selector switch.Eight, safety certification of qualified switch products must have access to the national certification and in accordance with international industry standard.Domestic products through 3 c certification, ISO9000 series certification, some international brand also […]

Construction quality of each other passing

"Construction quality of each other passing"

Consumer response: to buy as much as possible to find a formal brand authorized dealers or to the well-known building materials supermarket to buy. When the delivery home, it is best to open the package, check each piece of wood flooring, or check the wood floor, timely detection of problems in order to return to […]

Five into the floor from the installation and maintenance problems

"Five into the floor from the installation and maintenance problems"

In addition, the staff will be particularly quiet on the ground level, the ground can not afford to secure the floor under the arch, the floor is not wet the floor does not expand, these three aspects of careful testing. Similar to the above encounter a few consumers. Consumer complaints of construction and decoration materials […]

solve the predicament outdoor flooring

"solve the predicament outdoor flooring"

solve the predicament outdoor flooring but the pattern of the narrow and long, as a result, the choice of sofa and the background wall design is very important, choose a long sofa, comfortable, and interacting with the carpet, tea table is not ok and bold use of 2.These are long and narrow when the sitting […]